Maria Galligan, PMD Solutions

“We were using a paper-based system to conduct our medical device investigations and were looking for an eCRF platform that could help us take greater control of our trials and accelerate the processes. It was important to us that we could set up the trials ourselves and do it quickly.

Why Clindox? We chose Clindox, because the CRFweb system offered all the features we needed, and particularly appealing was the Do It Yourself set up. Obviously, changing the way you handle something as critical as a clinical trial is a little daunting, so having the reassurance of the customer support team being on hand was a big factor in our choice.

Has expectation met with reality? The communication with the team at Clindox through the sales process, then the study setup and management has been great. By way of example, I had some concerns prior to purchase about the audit trail/export process, the customer service team guided me through this and everything works as required. Clindox had told us that CRFweb had all the features we were likely to need, is secure, fast to setup and simple to use. My personal experience is that all of these claims are fully justified, it really is intuitive and (as we have done) you can do everything yourself. When we needed them, I’ve found the customer service team to be responsive and to act promptly. We’re very happy we chose Clindox.

We now feel we have greater control over our trial management process, our trials are taking less time and it’s proving very cost-effective.

The Clindox team have been an incredible support and are always available to help in any way they can with their product”